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How Tamago Music Works

Tamago is a community based music streaming application which returns fully transparent and substantial streaming revenue back to the artists on the ever fast and climate neutral NEAR blockchain. Tamago is empowered by an underground community of independent artists in search of better ways to protect the vibe flower online.

Artists can upload and 'mint' their tracks, and build a loyal fanbase without dealing with lame advertisments, being sold out, unfair gatekeeping, and getting ripped off. Tamago is the Spotify killer. Learn how to join the growing community, gain early rewards, and let's get deep.


Securely upload your audio content distributed via NFTs at high speeds and grow a devoted fanbase


Get paid per stream powered by the community


Discover and support authentic music without commercial Gatekeeping, empty-headed AI, or gag advertisments


Sell your tracks as NFTs to fans and labels and set your own price and royalties with total transparency


Take part in community activities, earn much better payouts!!


Direct artist and fan connectivity, transactions and engagement are prioritized.

Building from the ground up

Tamago Partners

Big Bain Holdings
Move Capital
Tamago is Partnered With Infamous

Select Infamous PR Clients

Big Bain Holdings
Move Capital


The TAMA Token is our fundemental currency which artists and fans will be able to hold hundreds, thousands, or even millions in their wallets.

TAMA will provide real world problem solving utility for musicians lost in the current sea of streaming. It will also help the flow of a new and exciting streaming flow model for artists all over the world.


A Token For Independent Artists

Tamago focuses on education, awareness and to provide support prioritized for independent artists and local music communities all over the world into both the streaming industry and blockchain space. Tamago is dedicated to serve as a voice and token for the artists, by the artists, and eliminate all unnecessary intermediaries.


Tamago Music Festivals & Events

Tamago offers exciting rewards including exclusive benefits to music festivals and events worldwide. With upcoming events and working relationships with some of the leading and cutting edge brands in the Independent Music Arts, Tamago is gearing up for an explosive 2022-2023 with an emphasis on public awareness and community growth.

Deep in the Tama cut

The TAMAGO Core Team

Tamago’s source of power comes from core community values that an individual or collective’s quality of work will prevail provided the right environment, nurturing, and backing to do so. From the tech stack to its fundamental philosophies, Tamago’s unique approach towards streaming is more than attainable thanks to the forward-thinking advancements of NEAR and the impressive Tamago core team of developers with veteran blockchain and music industry experience and its community.

Clarian North.

Cofounder, TAMAGO

Jeff Gold.

Cofounder, Tamago

Gunita Nagpaul.

V.P. - Artist Relations, TAMAGO

Ryan Cloke.

Senior Frontend Developer, TAMAGO

Marco Torello.

Senior Backend & Blockchain Development, TAMAGO

Loic Etienne.

Lead Backend Decentralized Development, TAMAGO

Anthony Wagura.

Front End Ninjanomics, TAMAGO

Mike Cohen.

V.P. Business & Project Management, TAMAGO

Maxfield Frieser.

Public Relations via Infamous, TAMAGO

TJ Walker.

Lead Project Advisor, TAMAGO

Keeping up with the speed of sound

Tamago Roadmap

Tamago is backed and funded by NEAR’s Human Guild for growth and development.

Tamago has key and well-established partnerships within the Music Industry, upcoming international events to raise support for local music communities, and is in the process of developing its Private Alpha and MVP to be released in early 2022.

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Supporting Artists and Content Creators

What exactly is $Tama

Holders of $Tama are additionally rewarded by paying less platform fees as well as gain special access levels to events and event perks including VIP access, special party tickets, artist merch and much more community driven engagement. Please find more details and outlines available in the White Paper.

White Paper
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Effective communication is super important both in playing music with others and developing a great project. We want to hear from you and looking forward to getting in touch soon!

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